Thursday, April 7, 2011

Why India is Becoming corrupted......

The India's 2009 CPI (Corruption Perceptions Index ) rank 88 shows that India is still one of the most corrupt nations! Some may mind it but I have the basis for this.I dont want to compare India with those who are below the list as most of them are poor small and underdeveloped nations.The true reality will be to compare India with the nations above her.
Reasons why India is still at nearly the same rank (See figures for 2005-2009):

1.No willingness to curb corruption by the govt.

2.Widening gap between rich and poor.

3.Indian's take it easy policy.
We prefer to bribe to get work done.To get admissions we give(or have to give) donations etc,To get Ration Card we bribe and so on! We can suffer and bribe but will never unite against it .So,indirectly we encourage corruption.

4.Lengthy legal process to hear corruption cases.Even the legal system is also corrupt.So,people avoid to speak against corruption as it is painful.It is said that "law makers are the real law breakers".

The solution to problem lies in the reasons I have given above.
Sometimes I wonder how India is still running even after such a corruption in everyday life.Perhaps ,India is running because if we have corrupt persons we also have great honest persons like Dr.Kalam and Dr.Singh and others!!

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